Student Support

Wellbeing of Students

At Lyneham High School we have the wellbeing of our students at the centre of our practices. We work to facilitate and strengthen connections between students, teachers, the school and community.

Home Group teachers are the first point of contact for students and parents and we provide a number of opportunities for Home Group teachers to build supportive relationships with their students and families. Our Home Group teachers work closely with our Year Coordinators.

We work to ensure that our school provides a safe environment where all students can learn and experience success. Our underpinning belief is the development of the whole person - as a lifelong learner, responsible and positive citizen for the future.

Students, parents and teachers are supported by our:

  • Student Wellbeing Executive who works to develop programs with staff that enhance the wellbeing of our young people, developing resilience and  social responsibility.
  • Student Support Executive who focuses on developing teacher and student relationships, supporting students at risk and liaising with providers to offer students alternative programs.
  • Year Coordinators who work with students each year to support their learning and relationships throughout their high school years.
  • School Psychologists who work closely with parents, teachers and students to address significant learning, family and mental health issues which impact on a student's abilities to participate in learning. Click here for a letter from the school psychologist for advice to parents about accessing emotional support for students.
  • Youth Support Worker who is an advocate for young people and is available to listen and give support and advice.
  • School Health Nurse is employed by ACT Health to provide a range of support services for students and families. Areas of support include mental, physical and sexual health.
  • Menslink Counsellor provides counselling support to young men.

The school's hierarchy of wellbeing support can be shown as:


Student Management

We foster positive relationships between staff and students. We recognize that there are shared rights and responsibilities at school. Strong and productive relationships are based on common understandings, mutual respect and recognition and appreciation of differences within a safe environment. Working together in this spirit creates a learning environment which helps all students to develop their full potential and abilities.

Restorative practices and mediation underpin the school's student management philosophy.

For more information, refer to the Education Directorate's Safe and Supportive Schools Policy.


Conflict or Bullying

Students who find themselves in conflict situations, or victims of bullying, should speak to one of their support team: their home group teacher, year coordinator, student services staff, or any teacher on duty.