Course Outlines

Each class in each faculty area is provided with a course outline.

Each course outline includes the following information: course description, learning outcomes, materials required, homework requirement and assessment schedule.

The information in the course outline is then used to generate an individual assessment calendar for each student. This lists the assessment items that each student has on a week by week basis. These were issued during Week 4 and parents are asked to encourage their children to make use of this valuable planning tool.

The course outlines below are organised by subject.  Within each subject the course outlines are sorted by teacher surnames.  To find your child's course outline you will need to know their teacher's name and the Line number the class is held on (for example Line 5).  Each class has a five character identifier and the first number denotes the Line (for example a class with the identifier 520S1 is held on Line 5).

Scroll through each subject to find your child's course outline with the relevant teacher's name and the class Line number.

(8 May 2019 UNDER CONSTRUCTION - starts)


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