Student Voice

Student Forum

The Student Forum is a mechanism for the students of Lyneham High School to be involved in decision making and initiating positive actions within the school. It is an important aspect in our school as we highly value the ideas our students can contribute to our school. The Student Forum is a key group in shaping our school culture and building positive relationships across all year groups.


Each Home Group elects up to two representatives to attend Student Forum sessions. The Forum is a space for Captains to table the opinions and suggestions collected in the Home Groups, and report any discussions or actions back to them. The Forum generally meets three times a term. The Student Executive Team (SET) is elected from the Forum and it consists of four students per year group and the School Captains. The SET are responsible for liaising between the Forum and other stakeholders in the school.

Events and Activities

The Student Forum runs social activities, fundraisers and other initiatives within the school community. The Student Forum undertakes many different activities to enrich the experiences of students and to develop systems to incorporate student driven projects. There are many opportunities for developing leadership skills, building positive school culture, exercising a voice in the community and representing the student body.

Other Forms

The Student Youth Worker facilitates a range of student groups that contribute to the life of the school, and who raise issues that can be acted upon to ensure all students in our school community are supported. Examples of these groups include LGBTIQ students, Christians in Schools and Muslim students.