P&C Association

The P&C is made up of parents/carers of students.  People who live or work in the local community may also attend the school P&C meeting. The P&C meets twice a term.

The P&C Association represents the voice of parents in the school and is often used as a forum to air the opinions of parents.  It can also be involved in fund raising and in volunteering in the school. The P&C is a forum through which the school can pass information and educate parents about the school and issues of educational importance.  Representatives from the P&C represent LHS parents at meetings of the ACT Parents & Citizen's Association which is an influential lobbying group for parents of students in government schools. Some of the donations made to the LHS P&C go to paying our Association affiliation fees.

Meetings – Weeks 3 and 8 of each term, Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm in the School Library

Prior to P&C meetings, the P&C often hosts a parents’ forum on matters of interest about the school or adolescents generally. Please email the P&C on LynehamHS.PCA@gmail.com to find out the forums coming up.

2021 Office Bearers
President: Sarah Lendon - sarahlendon@yahoo.com.au
Treasurer: John Breusch
Vice President: Mark Mikolajczak

Contact : LynehamHS.PCA@gmail.com