Homework takes many forms and can include:

  • continuation or completion of current work
  • additional practice of skills or concepts
  • preparation of assignments
  • preparation for tests
  • preparation for future work

Students may need to catch up on work missed due to excursions, sporting commitments, illnesses or other absences. The amount of time individual students need to spend on homework differs depending on the subjects they study. Homework is not given as a punishment. Not all homework is assessable.

It is the student's responsibility to hand work in on time or to negotiate an extension of time before the due date. Students have the right and the responsibility to use the entries in their diary as evidence to negotiate commitments, especially due dates of assignments, if they believe they have too heavy a load during a particular period.

It is the teacher's responsibility to see that work handed in for assessment is marked and returned to students in a reasonable time. It is the parent's responsibility to see that students have an appropriate place to do their homework, adequate time to do it, and reasonable supervision.

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