Notes Home

The links below provide the notes required for school access, upcoming excursions and related activities.

Please observe the following:

  • Due dates are critical.  Notes will not be accepted after midnight on that date.
  • Payments can be made:
    • Online via QuickWeb at any time.
    • Over the phone at any time between 8.30 - 3.30 -- 6142 1176.
    • In cash or card between 8.30 - 2.00, except Fridays between 11.05 - 11.25.
  • Notes can be delivered:
    • by students before school, during recess or lunch or after school.
    • by parents at any time between 8.30 and 3.30.
    • at any time via email to

Most excursions require a permission note and a "Medical Information and Consent Form". The links below generally contain a link to a document which combines both notes. Families wishing to separately complete the medical form, and retain for future use, can do so by accessing it here (one sided, compact) or here (two sided).