Lyneham High School believes that excursions are a valuable part of the educational experience.

Every excursion requires a permission note but where there is an ongoing activity, one note will suffice. Students must have written permission from their parents to participate in excursions. The school cannot phone parents to seek permission.

The school expects the usual high standards of dress and behaviour of students on excursions. Should it be necessary for a student to be returned to school or home from an excursion, any additional cost will be borne by the parents. 

As a safety requirement, all students are expected to be in uniform. Exceptions to this will appear in the information given to parents for particular excursions such as farm visits, etc.

Any student who has been repeatedly disruptive or unco-operative in class may be excluded from excursions at the discretion of an Executive Teacher.

Excursions are an extra curriculum activity and therefore all expenses are the parent's/carer's responsibility.