Digital Learning



Since the beginning of 2018, the ACT Government will be providing Canberra public secondary students with a Chromebook device under the "Better Schools for our kids - technology enabled learning program".

The program aligns with the "Learn Anywhere" philosophy and it is expected that devices will be managed by students, stored at home and brought to school on a daily basis. For more details about this philosophy, refer to

Families not wishing to receive a Government issued Chromebook must provide their child with their own Personal Electronic Device, which must be brought to school on a daily basis.

At Lyneham High School we do not endorse one company or another and encourage you to shop around to find the most suitable device for your child. We do however have a list of minimum requirements for personal electronic devices. They are:

Chromebooks - Parent Information Booklet

An information booklet for parents is available from here.

Getting a Chromebook

Families who have not yet opted to receive a loaned Chromebook device, and wish to change their mind, may do so by having this form completed, and returning it to Mr Meldrum in the library.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Chromebooks

As per the Chromebook Acceptance Form, stolen, lost or damaged Chromebooks:

In the first instance, reports of stolen, lost or damaged Chromebooks should be directed to Mr Meldrum in the library.

Daily Use of Chromebooks

Every student is expected to bring a fully charged device to school every day. They are not allowed to use their device chargers at school. Students without a fully charged device may borrow a Chromebook for day-use from the front office, subject to availabilty.

ICT Permissions

Lyneham High School believes the use of ICT is fundamental in assisting teaching and learning as well as enhancing the ways in which teachers and parents can communicate with each other.

The use of web-based learning resources and cloud-based storage has risen steadily over the last decade and are increasingly being used by teachers across the Directorate to improve student learning outcomes.

As our school has registered with a range of web-based service providers, some of which requires personal information about you or a student in your care, our school has a form that advises you of the reasons for collecting the information, what will be done with this information and who else may have access to this information. For your child to have full access to the administration and teaching resources available in the school, we ask that you provide your consent on the form (when it’s issued) by signing and returning it to the school.