Chromebook Rollout - 2018

The devices for our students have been delivered and distributed on Wednesday 7 February 2018 (in week 1 of the school year). New students and those returning the form later in the term will still be able to receive a device at a later date in the near future.

If you have not yet indicated to the school your preference to take the device on offer OR not to take it, then please complete this form indicating your decision and return it to the school ASAP. We still want to know if you are declining the offer to help with our planning on the day so please return the form regardless of what your response is.

Resources and advice on the program, including safe use at home, are available on the Education Directorate's website at

Instructions on what to do when you receive your new Chromebook can be found here.


Online Application to Enrol process

Applications must be submitted via the Education and Training Directorate website:

Click here for the Prospectus 2017.


LEAP, SEAL and Band applications

Applications for the LEAP, SEAL and Band programs for 2018 have now closed.

Click here for a timeline for the application process.


Uniform Shop Opening Hours

Open to Parents: Tuesday and Thursday - 8.30am to 10.30am

Open to Students: Wednesday recess - 11.05am to 11.30am


Homework Club

A Homework club operates in the school library every Monday and Thursday afternoon after school until 4.15pm. A teacher is on hand to help and resources are available.

On Mondays a Maths teacher is present and on Thursdays an English teacher is present, but students are welcome to attend anytime.


Phone Numbers in Documents

Documents on this site produced prior to April 2017 may include contact numbers which have been changed. Please see contact details on this page, and under the Contact Us tab, for up to date details.