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26th Sep 2014
Term 3 Ends

29th Sep 2014
Family & Community Day

6th Oct 2014
Labour Day

13th Oct 2014
Term 4 Begins

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The 2015 Elective Process

At Lyneham High School Year 8, 9 and 10 students have the opportunity to select two elective classes per semester. The Elective Booklets outline subjects that can are offered for each grade. Each faculty contributes to the information to ensure the details are as up to date as possible, giving the students the best information when making their choices for 2015. 

Recently, students were given their own Elective Booklet and a few days later were asked to complete a Preliminary Elective Preference form in Home Group to indicate their interest in particular subjects. This data will direct and shape the 2015 Elective timetable to best fit our student's choices.

In previous years these forms have been sent home, however many forms were not returned so those student's preferences were not able to be counted. The Home Group session has been beneficial in collecting a higher volume of preferences.

Once the timetable is confirmed the students will complete an Elective Choices 2015 form that lists the subjects proceeding and the line/s they are available on. This will be sent home and require parent/carer approval in the form of signature. This will take place early in term 4.

Students will be notified before the December holidays as to which Elective classes they will have and there will be opportunities for changes where appropriate. There will be clear deadlines around returning any forms or change requests. 

Please read the Elective Booklet that is appropriate to your student/s and feel free to contact the Executive Teacher of the faculty if you need more information on a particular subject.


Homework Group

Homework Group sessions are held in the library on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3.15pm until 4.15pm.

Students are encouraged to use the facilities of the library, including the computers and printer, to work on their homework tasks.  There will be a supervising teacher at each session.

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