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2015 Elective Selection

During weeks 3 and 4 students in Year 7, 8 and 9 will be asked to complete their 2015 Elective Choice form. The form lists all of the classes that will be offered on each line in both semesters. Students are required to indicate a first and second preference for each line option. 

Home Group teachers will distribute the forms early in Week 3. Forms are due back to Home Group teachers by the 7th of November, Friday of Week 4, and must be signed by a parent or carer.

The 2015 timetable has been formed based on the preliminary data collected earlier in the year and incorporated choices from over 90% of students (excluding Year 10). We have done our best to reflect the requests of the student body. Depending on interest, some classes may not run.

A digital copy of the 2015 Elective Information Booklet is available here. Please re-visit it to support your student in making their decisions.

Digital copies of the Elective Choice forms are also available:

          Year 8, 2015          Year 9, 2015,          Year 10, 2015

Questions about specific electives can be directed to the Executive teacher of the appropriate faculty:

  Ms Sharon Hayes (62056413) - Indonesian and French

  Ms Lisa Price (62056394) - Outdoor Education, Principles of Sport Education (POSE), Sport Science

  Ms Janet Richardson (62056423) - Agriculture

  Mr Simon Spinetti (62056397) - Technology subjects 

  Ms Debbie Masling (62056427) - Band and Music

  Mr John Batterham (62056427 or 62056403) - The Visual Arts, Media, Musical Production, Drama and Dance



Homework Group

Homework Group sessions are held in the library on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3.15pm until 4.15pm.

Students are encouraged to use the facilities of the library, including the computers and printer, to work on their homework tasks.  There will be a supervising teacher at each session.

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