COVID-19 exposure at Lyneham High School

COVID-19 exposure at Lyneham High School

ACT Health has advised that a student at Lyneham High School has tested positive for COVID-19 and attended school during their infectious period. We are working to support the school and the school community during this time.

Any staff, students and visitors/volunteers who attended the school between 8.30am and 3.30pm on Monday 9 August, Tuesday 10 August, Wednesday 11 August, or Thursday 12 August are being classified as close contacts at this stage and are required to quarantine. Their household members will also be required to quarantine as secondary contacts.

ACT Health has sent letters to the Lyneham High School community about what to do next. At this stage, the entire household of anyone who attended the school should remain in home isolation (quarantine) for a full 14 days from the last day any member of that household was at the school. This means you cannot leave home to attend school or work.

Information will be provided shortly to the school community on testing arrangements.

An online information session will be arranged for the school community.

Information, advice and resources on COVID-19, including what it means to be in quarantine, are available at the ACT COVID-19 website

The Education Directorate will continue to work closely with Lyneham High School to ensure the health and safety of the school community.

Rob Emanuel