Student Services

Student Wellbeing

At Lyneham High School we have student wellbeing at the centre of our practices. We work to facilitate and strengthen connections between students, teachers, the school and community.

Home Group teachers are the first point of contact for students and parents and we provide a number of opportunities for Home Group teachers to build supportive relationships with their students and families. Our Home Group teachers work closely with our Year Coordinators.

We work to ensure that our school provides a safe environment where all students can learn and experience success. Our underpinning belief is the development of the whole person - as a lifelong learner, responsible and positive citizen for the future.

Students, parents and teachers are supported by our:

  • Student Wellbeing Executive who works to develop programs with staff that enhance the wellbeing of our young people, developing resilience and  social responsibility.
  • Student Support Executive who focuses on developing teacher and student relationships, supporting students at risk and liaising with providers to offer students alternative programs.
  • Year Coordinators who work with students each year to support their learning and relationships throughout their high school years.
  • School Psychologist who works closely with parents, teachers and students to address significant learning, family and mental health issues which impact on a student's abilities to participate in learning. Click here for a letter from the school psychologist for advice to parents about accessing emotional support for students.
  • Youth Support Worker who is an advocate for young people and is available to listen and give support and advice.
  • Indigenous Education Officer who works with our Indigenous students and families to support their learning and cultural wellbeing.

Student Management

At Lyneham High School (LHS) we foster positive relationships between staff and students. We recognize that there are shared rights and responsibilities at school. Strong and productive relationships are based on common understandings, mutual respect and recognition and appreciation of differences within a safe environment. Working together in this spirit creates a learning environment which helps all students to develop their full potential and abilities.

At LHS we recognise that all students are learning to interact appropriately with other students and staff and need to practise these interactions in a safe and accepting environment. Students therefore experience taking responsibility for their actions and behaving in a considerate manner towards others.

To provide students with the opportunity to learn and practise appropriate ways of interacting with others the school uses processes such as mediation and restorative practices along with contracts, behaviour monitoring, detentions and suspensions.

Absences from School and Illness at School

All students under 17 years of age are legally required to attend school each day.  This includes days devoted to such activities as sporting carnivals or excursions. There will, of course, be occasions when a student cannot attend school because of illness or family emergency and in these circumstances the following procedures should be followed.


Parents are requested to phone the Front Office in the morning if students are absent, or students should bring a note on return to school.  If the absence is known in advance then the school would appreciate the note being submitted before the absence occurs, for instance if students are going on leave.  Home group teachers will routinely contact parents if a student is absent for 3 days without explanation, or if no note has been received on a student's return to school.

The school requests that notes/phone calls are received to explain a student's absence within two weeks of the absence. Notes covering a large number of individual days or ones that explain absences from a considerable time ago may not be accepted.

Late to School

Students arriving after 8.53am report to the Front Office to sign in, and receive a pass to be admitted to class.  Students who do not have a note certified by a parent will be placed on a late register.  Once a student receives a third unexplained absence, they will be issued with a Thursday afternoon detention.

Illness During the Day

Students who feel unwell or who are injured must report to the Front Office.  If this happens in class time, then a note from the teacher is required.  Front Office staff have First Aid qualifications and will contact parents or seek further medical attention should that be necessary.

Please note that staff cannot dispense personally prescribed medications without the written authority of parents.  Panadol will only be dispensed to students with parental permission.

Note: It is very important that changes of address, contact phone numbers and guardians are notified to the school so that we can contact parents and carers promptly in case of illness or accident at school.

Leaving Lyneham High

Students who are leaving Lyneham High School in order to enrol at another school or to join the workforce should bring a note from home stating the date of their departure and where they are going.  Students will be given a Leaver's Form to have signed by all their teachers and other key people in the school to show they have returned all school property.