Principal's Message

Hello and welcome to Lyneham High School's website.

Lyneham High School is a dynamic and vibrant place to learn and to work.  If you are considering becoming a part of our school community I am sure you will find something to excite and challenge you at our school.

Our school prides itself on its commitment to Care, Quality and Creativity.

At Lyneham High School we aspire to exercise Care for our own well-being and for the well-being of others.  We have a strong focus on building the confidence and resilience of young people, supporting healthy choices, encouraging responsible citizenship and fostering open and honest communication.  If you visit our school I'm sure you will notice that we are friendly and respectful of each other.

We also take pride in the Quality of the learning and teaching that happens in our school.  We achieve outstanding academic results and we are particularly proud of our LEAP (Gifted and Talented), SEAL (Sporting Excellence) and Band and Music Programs.  Lyneham High School has a broad and engaging curriculum and there is something here to excite and engage every student.  I encourage you to browse this website and learn more about what our school has to offer.  Of course a school is only as good as its staff and we have outstanding teachers at Lyneham High School and friendly and efficient administrative and support staff.  I really feel that this website reflects the commitment and passion that staff members bring to their work at Lyneham High School.

Our school also prides itself on Creativity - not just in the performing arts, where we excel, but in fostering innovation across the board.  We work with young people who will eventually be employed in positions that have not yet even been invented - so it is important that we equip them with the skills to solve problems and to think critically and creatively.

As you can tell, I take great pride in being the principal of Lyneham High School and part of the North Canberra educational community.