Leadership Team

School Leadership Team 2019

The following people can be contacted through Reception: 6142 1176 or Fax: 6142 1193 or by emailing the school at lynehamhs@ed.act.edu.au

Principal: Rob Emanuel

Deputy (Students): Julie Collins

Deputy (Staff): Robin Morrell

Business Manager: Jane Herring

Student Services

Student Management: Margie McMahon

Student Wellbeing: Amanda Murtagh

School Psychologists: Elizabeth Hanley (Mon-Tue) and Jo Burke (Wed-Fri)

Assessment and Reporting and Elective Timetabling: Joshua Ross

Literacy: Lara Croucher

Numeracy: Aisling Murtagh

Professional Practice: Lara Croucher

Special Needs: Leanne Claridge

Curriculum - Executive Teachers:

Languages: Sharon Hayes (Faculty phone number: 6142 1185)

Mathematics: Aisling Murtagh (Faculty phone number: 6142 1186)

HaSS (formerly known as SoSE): Rachel McGann (Faculty phone number: 6142 1188)

Science: Leanne Claridge (Faculty phone number: 6142 1161)

Technology: Cheryl Pole (Faculty phone number: 6142 1163)

Physical Education: Lisa Price (not in on Wed) - (Faculty phone number: 6142 1184)

Music: Debbie Masling (Faculty phone number: 6142 1194)

Arts: Tim Bowyer (Faculty phone number: 6142 1169)

Year Coordinators

Year 7: Manisha Sharma (6142 1186)

Year 8: Tim Bowyer (6142 1194)

Year 9: Jason Peters (6142 1194)

Year 10: Luke Coleman (6142 1161)